Originally I started this WordPress Blog just to do a test run to check out WordPress.  Since I felt like I needed something to blog about, I decided to go with the theme ‘you are never to old to learn’.  I can certainly vouch for that!  In over 30 years of working with computers and software, for every new thing I learn, I find there are thousands of things that I still don’t know or understand.  We won’t even talk about the things that get forgotten!!

It has now been well over a year since I started this blog.  In that time I have done two more WordPress commercial sites for friends, as well as set up a couple of sandbox sites on my localhost.  Mainly, I have done this  in order to experiment with hosting multiple WP sites, but also to learn more about the WP core.  As I explore behind the scenes more with WordPress, as well as other technologies that I am learning, I have decided to change the format of this blog.  As I run across/discover new things, I will share.  I will try to notate my sources and at the bottom of each blog, starting March 2013, I will try to put a summary (nutshell) of the subject.  I hope others find this site helpful.

Have a great day!